Greg Norman Wagyu Who Knew?

(Tried to post this while out to dinner several weeks back but had bad wireless so it didn’t take)

Man, who knew the shark makes his own branded steaks as well.

Can I stop thinking about golf even at dinner?

Feeling better after a hard week.

Go shark! Go Golf!



Things to do Near Pebble Beach

If you’re ever coming out to northern Cali near Carmel or Monterey Bay you should check out Moss Landing and get great seafood grub at Phil’s Fishmarket. It’s seat yourself but worth the trip and the wait. Then go do some whale watching. It’s a good thing and life affirming …. Just like golf!!! Fore!!


Reelin in the Yards


Back at it. Been at it but only in fits and spurts. Work is the albatross that it is – grateful tho I am to have it – and school plays and award ceremonies tap time even as they tap memory of My Ole School … Mostly putting back to the two putt tactics and still keeping my 60% metric… So just finished a day of meetings and who’s it’s and what’s that and who and a what now? … And couldn’t help appreciate a purple sky sunset with some whiffle golf and my 8 & 9 iron trying out my wider stance. Well “holy gee willakerz Batman, he’s working on his routine again!!” . Ill take it where I can get it. And the weeks almost over.
Time for dinner and a midnight call to the Mrs traveling on biz and know doubt having similar conversations. To the Batcave!!

Hey – this isn’t a golf course


Sitting here thinking about playing a local 9-hole course this weekend and chomping at the bit to get this work week over with. Just finished a major trade show that went well. Also thinking about something I heard while watching a John Daly special – all the real power in the swing comes from cocking the wrists.

I understand this conceptually especially when thinking about analogs like a baseball throw or a tennis forehand BUT when I checked out my swing I barely hinge my wrists at all. I’m using my arms and body more than anything. So I think I’ll play around with wrist action as I do my homework lessons over the weekend.

Picture Fred Flinstone sliding down the dinosaur’s back and jumping into his car. That’s me in 2 hours.

Yabba Dabba…. Schwing!

Shout out to my Hoyas making the first cut in March Madness! FYI you can’t shoot a jump shot with a flat static wrist. You gotta cock and then roll that wrist for the trajectory and finesse and nuthin but net – right?