Stardate: 10012014 1420PM – Daily Dairy Log – New Routine

It’s been awhile but I did my routine last week:

  • Ran on Monday, putted on my putting days, remembered to stretch and researched my new putting routine.

This week’s been harder.  I didn’t run Monday but i will run tomorrow and I will putt on Wed or Thrus.  End update.

FYI:  I have a neat new 3-5 putt practice drill that breaks the hole into 4 quadrants.  I researched something about identifying the true “12” o’clock north of every putting hole (on Bing) and found out apparently all holes tip one-way or another a little southward due to gravity and how the hole was cut out.  So the putterer needs to try and place the ball at 12 so the ball has the best chance of dropping in as it slows down using gravity to its advantage.  If you identify the 12 then you aim for that – is the thinking instead of the middle of the whole.  It also helps me figure out stroke speed a little..

That said – my routine included 3 paths to the hole for each of 4 quadrants around the hole.  I would stroke 10 balls for instance in quadrant 2 along three trajoctories – (qd 2 is the southeastern quadrant for me) – per set with each set starting on a set line, for example 5’oclock, and at 4 oclock and just south of 3 oclock.  Then I do the same for the northwest quadrant, the northeast quadrant and the southwest quadrant.  For a total of 120 balls.  I only count how many I make in – but my real goal if to get close to the hole and perfect my routine so I’m consistent and to practice my reading of the break left-to-right, right-to-left etc.

That’s all I have for now.  I’m sitting thru a work quarterly business meeting that really is taxing my attention-span.  Have you ever watched paint dry?  It’s just not the same as watching a putt roll into the cup – if you get my drift.  Cloud computing – whoo hoo!  tell me more.

Last note: I’m re-visiting my stance and posture.  I think I stand corrected about leaning forward a lot.  I think I need to stand more erect and with better straight posture.  I think this gives me less of a chance of hitting turf because my true absolute ground zero for my stroke has less chance off wobbling off axis due to me standing up or moving my spine angle.

So now I’m gonna work at standing a little taller and straighter in the back yard on my home kit and net.  But I did some trial runs the last 2 days and was surprised at how well i hit it (i’m sure it won’t last but still – the first shot was like whoom!).  In fact i whipped one right down the target hole #1 in my swing practice net.  I was like huh?  I need to re-visit this stance thingy – fo’ sho’.

that’s all for now – svg out


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