Grip, Posture, Alignment: Three Simple Keys to a Better Golf Game

I think everyone’s commented on these pointers at one time or another but it’s always worth reading again – especially now that I’m taking golf lessons finally!

Twilight Tee Time

by Tyler Bantle

No golf swing can begin correctly without having the correct set-up position. This includes grip, posture, alignment, and going through the correct process to be have these 3 keys be consistent. Granted, these three components are not swing thoughts or ways to improve the full swing, but a lot of ball flight problems can be related directly back to three areas of the swing that happen before the swing even begins.

Some key points to having a sound grip are as follows:

(1) Grip the golf club with just your left hand and hold it straight out so it is parallel to the ground. Begin to remove fingers from the club until you are left with only your index finger and thumb on the grip. If you are still able to hold the club well, your left hand is in a good position.

(2) With your…

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